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I used to fish a lake very similar to the one you describe myself a few years back. It was an old estate lake where the commons are more dominant due to natural spawning. In fact, I have a water that I fish a lot in the summer that is similar again. It
Ccmoore - 13/06/2018 02:03pm

How to Increase the Pulling Power of your Odyssey XXX Freezer Baits

How to Increase the Pulling Power of your Odyssey XXX Odyssey XXX by its very nature is a highly soluble, reactive bait, a year- round proven attractor and a valuable food source that fish simply return to eat time and time again. Many anglers often ask
Ccmoore - 13/06/2018 01:48pm

How To Create Awesome Orange Northern Special Corkball Pop- Ups

Orange Northern Special Corkball How- To For a number of years, The Northern Special has been the angler’s go- to hookbait, the get out of jail bite producer that simply goes on catching time and time again. The fantastic combination of fruity, zesty
Ccmoore - 04/06/2018 01:40pm

Product Focus- Tuna Oil- The Ultimate Oil for Summer!

With summer fast approaching, now is the time that oils really do come into their own, offering a diversified level of attraction and due to their naturally dense properties, they can be utilised in many different ways to gain maximum effect. Oils are
Ccmoore - 01/06/2018 08:14am

The Surface Showdown- James Armstrong

James Armstrong- The Surface Showdown The warmer weather is well and truly among us and with it comes fantastic floater fishing conditions. Those days with a steady breeze, warmer water temperatures and fish cruising around in the upper layers quite simply
Ccmoore - 30/05/2018 02:33pm

The Aquasweet Low- Down- Kev Hewitt

The Aquasweet Low- Down with Kev Hewitt After a few months of successful testing of the new, super- sweet and unique boosting liquid; Aquasweet, we wanted to get the low- down from the hauling machine that is Kev Hewitt on exactly why this is his new
Ccmoore - 14/05/2018 04:26pm

The Natural Krill Bag Mix Pack- The Ultimate Natural PVA Bag

This small, rich super food has been making waves on the carp front for a number of years now and its no wonder why. The extremely salty morsels are extremely effective at driving those carp into a hard feeding response, enticing them to sift through
Ccmoore - 30/04/2018 04:32pm

Spring Had Sprung- Harry Waye Barker

Spring had sprung With the beast from the east out of the way and a tortious winter to forget, I was super keen to get back outdoors and enjoy some angling again. Although I had put a lot of effort in during the colder months, things hadn’t gone to
Ccmoore - 30/04/2018 04:09pm

An Insight Into Stanwick Lakes Fisheries- Brad Wegner

An Insight into Stanwick Lakes Fisheries Stanwick lakes boasts 6 beautiful lakes, from small lakes full of silverfish, bream and tench, to the specimen carp waters Roman and Elsons that are home to some lovely old, big English carp. 5 of the lakes are
Ccmoore - 30/04/2018 03:02pm

Consistency is Key- Dan Handley

March is always one of my favourite months to look forward to, as it is usually the time when everything starts to wake up after the long winter slumber. The daylight hours are increasing rapidly, buds are starting to appear on the trees, everything seems
Ccmoore - 30/04/2018 01:35pm

Getting The Most From Your Boilie Session Pack…

These handy session packs were introduced into the CC Moore product range over 5 years ago, and have established themselves as a ‘go-to’ product for the angler looking for the convenience factor in their baiting needs! Designed for the short session
Ccmoore - 17/04/2018 04:25pm

The Natural Bag Mix Approach- Dan Stacey

As the first glimpse of spring has finally arrived, the ever so slightly warmer rays of sun are making an appearance and catch reports are on the increase, spring surely can’t be too far around the corner. With spring comes longer days, warmer water
Ccmoore - 10/04/2018 04:26pm

How Kev Hewitt Caught Kempies Linear from Manor

My love for Manor goes a long way back, in fact, I will go as far as saying Manor is my all time favourite lake I have fished in the years I have been targeting carp. My adventures over here started way back in 2003 and at the time, the lake and the residing
Ccmoore - 10/04/2018 03:24pm

Why Zigs Could Score You More This Spring…

The almighty zig rig, you either love them or you hate them, but there is no doubt that they can be a devastating tactic at any time of the year. A small piece of foam suspended in the water column certainly draws a few questions, but there is no doubting
Ccmoore - 05/04/2018 04:13pm

The Crunch Factor- Why Peanut Chops Are So Effective & How To Prepare

The Crunch Factor It is difficult to pinpoint why nuts are so devastatingly good for consistently catching big, wary carp, but quite simply, they do! There are a number of different factors as to why the fish simply can’t resist that tempting crunch;
Ccmoore - 21/03/2018 11:42am

Roasted Nut Extract- What is it?

Roasted Nut Extract- What is it? For those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to indulge in the divine smell of the Roasted Nut Extract, we will give you a little insight into why this quite simply awesome liquid has been the number one choice
Ccmoore - 16/03/2018 04:15pm

How Can I Find and Replicate Bloodworm Beds?

How Can I Replicate Bloodworm Beds? We Ask Team CCMoore You would most certainly be right in thinking that bloodworm beds offer you an edge in fishing, but from my experience finding those beds at times can be somewhat challenging. The difficult thing
Ccmoore - 16/03/2018 08:59am

The XXX Crunch Factor! We Show You How To Make Crunchy Boilies

Odyssey XXX, for a long time, has been a favourite among the range of CCMoore boilies for many anglers and it is clear to see why. With high levels of GLM powder, a subtle fishmeal taste and aroma, this bait offers the angler ultimate confidence when
Ccmoore - 15/03/2018 12:21pm