22lb Old Mirror Off The Surface

Yesterday was a fortunate stalking session, me and my friend matt only went fishing at our local club lakes Dobsons for about 2 and halve hours before sunset. Plan was to fish light and use my knowledge of the water to try a produce just one bite, taking just my surface rod and a bucket of mixed size dog biscuits; I find topping the best way to get a quick bit, I can tell pretty quickly if fish are in my swim and if not I can move on. This exactly what I did and after geese ruining my first swim.

I moved down to calmer water and to a snaggy swim where I know carp like to hang out, your chances of a bite are always good. Straight away I had small commons taking doggies in the snags, coaxing the fish out slowly with each catapult getting further away from the snag. Being only 2 rods out I can see the fish pretty well and If I’m being honest I didn’t want to ruin my swim by hooking one of these small commons, so my plan was to keep feeding these fish and hope a bigger one will see what all the fuss is about.

After about an hour of feeding these fish, doggies had drifted far down the swim. In the corner of my eye I saw a carp on its own taking these drifted doggies, a characteristic of a bigger fish. I could tell straight away that this carp was worth hooking his head was huge compared to the rest. I watched him for about 20 minutes he would take a few doggies every five or so minute intervals. Hooking him instead of a small common was going to be a task in its own.

I waited with my rod in hand with just a free lined size 6 wide gape hook totally hidden inside a mighty meaty dog biscuit. As he came back and took a doggie I lightly flicked out my hook bait to an area which I was hoping in his line of sight but was far enough to not spook him. My target took another free offering on his path and then locked on to my hookbait, I gripped my rod and got ready to strike, a carp swallowed my doggie. I struck into the fish hooking it instantly making a huge bow wave erupt and I knew I hooked him. Fighting this carp which I knew was a gooden because I could see through the clear water was tense as I could tell straight away it was a mirror and I have never caught a mirror from here before. I kept saying to Matt it looks big I really want to land this one. The fight was all pretty much under the rod tip due being next to a snag so I couldn’t give him much line. He plodded around using his weight as a strength taking line for the snag a few times, but he started to get tired and slowly turned over and gasped over the net.

Looking into the net I could tell it was a 20+, he was so wide and fat and I thought this could be my pb. First thought that came to my head after looking at him is "wow this fish looks so old Jurassic like even" to which Matt agreed. With Matt helping he went calmly into the sling, the scales declared 22lb was his weight. This Jurassic old carp may have not been by PB but it still broke a few records of mine, 1st biggest carp I have ever caught off the surface, 2nd my first mirror from this lake and 3rd my biggest fish ever from this lake. I was over the moon and it was a great pleasure to catch this old beast. Thanks to everyone who read all this haha and a huge thanks to Matt for netting and photos.

Written by Chris Smith - Published on the 23th of April 2015