Great Carp Captures From George Wheeler

This carp was caught towards the end of summer on a 24hour session with my twin. On arriving at the lake it was evident that surface fishing would be the way forward and we quickly got out the mixers. Much of this day was spent stalking around the lake and we both managed a couple of the smaller fish. However whilst stalking I had noticed a small gravel bar that just looked spot on for the upcoming night. As dark fell I hurriedly set up my bivvy and snuck round under the trees to introduce my chilli hemp and corn mix. Over which I presented my rig of two pieces of neutrally balanced corn. However the night passed with no action for me and brother. I was surprised by this, and as tempting as surfacing was, I opted to fish one rod on a zig and leave the other where it was, as this gravel bar was in a couple of feet of water and it seemed to be a high way for the sunbathing carp. Before we know it we were quickly running out of time, but not long after my brothers rod fished super tight to some over hanging trees was away, as he was playing this fish his other rod ripped off and I was attached to felt like a good fish. Knowing this I gave him this rod and I took control of the other. Not long after we had a beautifully fully scaled sitting in one net and what was sure to be his first twenty in the other. Whilst congratulating him on this fact just 10 meters down the bank my rod fished to that gravel bar ripped off too. An long nerve wrecking battle ensued

And on seeing its back the surface it got even worse as I knew that the fish two was a twenty. On getting it in the net we proved to ring our good mate who lived near the lake and he was more than happy to come down and do the photos. To say we were buzzing is a huge understatement.

Written by George Wheeler - Published on the 1st of April 2015