Forest Ponds Session From Andy Parr

Forest Ponds is a 1.5 acre lake, 90% of the lake is a clay / slit bottom with a little weed in the shallows. The fish stock is quite remarkable for such a small lake average fish is 25lb with a lake record of 52.11lb with numerous fully scaled fish, mirrors and commons.

After arriving at the lake I already knew that I wanted to be up the top end as I'd checked the recent catch reports and noticed the majority of the fish had been coming from an that area. I had already decided to fish for a bite at a time and not go in with big beds of bait so I was fishing with 15 baits per rod. All rods went out first time and it was time to relax forget about work and enjoy the surrounding area.

We were just getting to the end of the first 24 hours and the right rod that was in-front of an overhanging tree pulled up tight and we were away, after a 10 minute fight the fish went in the net and a new PB fully scaled mirror at 30.08LB. the rod went back out with the same baiting approach and at the same time 24 hours later we were away again but this time I was sure I'd hooked a real big'en it powered straight through a reed bed at the side and just kept taking line at this point I was sure I was going to lose the fish but my trusted size 6 choddy stayed strong and I was able to turn the fish and after 15 mins in the net a 29.14lb mirror went. Nothing then happened until Sunday eveningand I was walking the lake trying to locate fish and noticed by the overhanging tree were I was fishing there was a cut out in the tree along the side and wondered to myself "do they travel along this margin and go into the tree through the hole"? Well I was 100% correct as 3 fish drifted under my feet and straight into the cut out! So I ran back around and moved a rod onto the spot within 3 hours I'd got a 26.06lb mirror in the net and the following morning a 26lb common so this proves to me that location is KEY keep on the lookout for where the fish are travelling as you will pick up extra bites plus im 99% sure if I'd have seen that spot/fish on the Thursday I'd have caught a lot more.

All caught using Advanced Angling Solutions end tackle - leadless core leaders, coated braid, and size 6 choddy on a multi rig with a UK Carp Baits Pink Popup over a bed of mixed size Killer freebies!

Written by Andy Parr - Published on the 6th of May 2015